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PAIDSO means Professional Agency for Information and Digital Sourcing and Outsourcing. You are in the platforn where all digital and business activities and transactions can be done.

This means that you can find digital products and services. If you can get ehat you need or want directly from us our representatives will get it to you in time.

Get your favourite products and services.

  1. Get your favourite products/services
  2. Make money with our various opportunities
  3. Business Development services
  4. Register your Business with CAC
  5. Business support services
  6. Get Mobile App for your Business
  7. Get traffic to your website and PBE Groups
  8. Get prospects, clients and customers to your business
  9. Website Design and Development
  10. Mobile Apps and android apps for your business.
  11. Professional Blogging
  12. Digital Marketing
  13. Social Media Management
  14. Business Management
  15. E-commerce and online shops
  16. Take courses on several digital and business skills

Get Ready for Real and Practical Business

Later you can choose from how much and how far you want to run by choosing from the list membership below. You can access this list from your Dashboard menu “My Membership”

  1. PBE Recognized
  2. PBE Starter
  3. PBE Achiever
  4. PBE Representative
  5. PBE Supervisor
  6. PBE Business Owner
  7. PBE Business Manager
  8. PBE Business Director
  9. PBE Level 1 Admin
  10. PBE Level 2 Admin
  11. PBE Level 3 Admin
  12. PBE Share Holder and Investor

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