JVZoo is a popular affiliate network among people in the MMO or “make money online” industry. Most of what’s sold on there is info products like ebooks, video tutorials, software, apps, plugins, and things related to gettin’ rich. You know, stuff like email marketing, list building, self help, product development and more.

For a hot minute people were pumping out these types of products daily. It’s calmed down a bit, and there are fewer scams than before, but can you still make money on JVZoo these days, or is it kinda dead?

Making Money on JVZoo

Firstly, to answer the question directly, yes, it’s definitely possible to make money on JVZoo these days. Though I have gripes about many of the products they allow on their platform, there are some legit things to be sold, and they consistently pay on time.

They’ve been around for many years and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of any grumbles about not getting paid when payday arrived! In fact, I actually do make money with them.

Here’s proof:

jvzoo income screenshot

income from May to August 2015

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Brief Affiliate Marketing Recap…

For the newbies out there, let’s make one thing clear: affiliate marketing works. It’s not about whether making money online is possible or not – it’s definitely a valid way to earn income.

You just have to figure out a method that works for you, and a method that you can scale from earning your first dollar, to having your first $1,000 dollar day.

You can learn how to do what I do with my email course for newbies.

If you’re a beginner, an affiliate marketer is essentially a freelance advertiser. You try to sell products or services from other people, and are paid a commission for each sale you make. So when you join JVZoo, you are helping product creators promote their stuff.

About Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are just places where you can go to browse affiliate programs. They are like market places, where buyers and sellers can connect. Product owners and businesses submit their products/services to the network (usually paying a fee to do so), then freelancers like you can I can browse their offers and choose which ones to promote.

In just one website, we can browse thousands of offers from a variety of industries. JVZoo is an affiliate network, so you can expect to find lots and lots of different things you could promote.

As mentioned above, most of the stuff on JVZoo at the moment is about how to make money online. It doesn’t have to be that way (it’s not a rule at JVZoo), but that’s just the way it is. Clickbank has more variety if you want to browse a more diverse set of digital products.

Alternatively, you could browse e-books too!

As the marketing side of the equation, we have to make decisions about what to promote:

  • our niche and target market
  • the quality of the product sold
  • the refund rate
  • product creator history
  • other incentives like prizes, bonuses

Other popular networks with a variety of affiliate programs available are Commission Junction, Shareasale, Impact, and Rakuten, but there are more.

Another one that is gaining some traction lately is called WarriorPlus. However, they deal mostly with the “make money online” industry, so just be aware most of their offers are related to that topic.

What About JVZoo?

So where does JVZoo play into all this? JVZoo’s products are digital downloads, and most of what I’ve dealt with personally is in the internet marketing industry.

Here’s just a short list of products that I’ve purchased within the last year in order to do reviews on my website. Green buttons were purchased without issue. Blue buttons were refunded because the product was not very good.

I’ve even purchased some plugins and themes!

jvzoo product purchases

Quality varies wildly. I see a TON of binary options products that are scamming people out of $10,000’s of dollars on a monthly basis. Seriously.

These are pretty bad scams and they are allowed to sell their products through this affiliate network. It’s a real shame.

Digging a bit deeper, you can see there’s a huge list of non “make money online” related products to sort through. Here’s a screenshot of just some of the other stuff offered on JVZoo. Don’t get too excited yet though…there’s a catch to be aware of.

jvzoo product categories

This is great that the categories exist. But the catch is that even though you see links and options, many of these categories are actually empty because no one has submitted a product.

magic related products

magic related products = none


barbecue related products

barbecue related products? I don’t think so!

Weight gain, dental, comedy…they all resulted in no results or unrelated products.

Weight loss, weight gain, and health products did produce some results that would be worth looking into, including some PLR products. But most products categories were empty.

Is JVZoo A Scam?

Although they host many scams, JVZoo itself is not a scam. They pay affiliates on time, and they refund customers when necessary.

The only problem I have with their current system is that JVZoo does not handle refunds. As a buyer, you are required to request a refund though the seller. When a seller ignores your request, JVZoo won’t step in and refund you.

How To Find A Good Product On The JVZoo Marketplace

There are thousands of products already on the marketplace, and more are released every month. Finding something that converts to sales and turns into money in your pocket can be a challenge. The first step is to find a high quality product with an attractive sales page!

4 Steps To Finding Affiliate Products

product marketplace 1

product marketplace 2

7 Metrics To Be Considered

product marketplace 3

  1. An old product could be out of date, or it could be a strong, evergreen seller with long term income potential. A new product could be relevant and interesting, but high sales figures could be due to a over-hyped launch
  2. Many products sold could be because it’s a good product, or just because it’s old
  3. This is the average conversion rate for all affiliates. Yours will vary. Higher is better, but cheaper products tend to convert higher anyway so keep that in mind
  4. Related to conversion rate and the price of the product. This just provides a simple metric to compare similar products on which one is likely to earn you more money for the traffic you send to the sales page
  5. Some products have several more products in the sales funnel, with varying prices and commission rates. This is the average commission paid per customer acquired. You may be promoting a $10 product with 75% commission, but if there’s a $97 upsell after they purchase, that will make the average commission for the product go higher that $7.50.
  6. Commission rates can be important when you decide which products to promote.
  7. High refunds bad. Low refunds good. If a customer gets their money back, you lose the commission. This is why it’s important choose products that are not misleading in their advertising

For many offers, you have to request to be an affiliate. This makes sure that you are not a robot, and provides some assurance that you are going to promote their offer in a legitimate way.

I’ve never been denied, but I have been ignored. Being ignored a good sign the product is no longer being sold, or you should not be promoting for the seller anyway!

If you are browsing JVZoo, I highly recommend you buy something before you promote it. I’ve seen so many products that make insane claims like teaching you to make three hundred dollars an hour, or that you can earn a full time income by the end of the month.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty clear that it’s possible to make money on JVZoo, but before you try, think about what you want to sell and who you want to sell it too.

If you want to look beyond this affiliate network, you can do that too. There are thousands of different things you can promote, and many companies you are familiar with have affiliate programs you can join for free.

So, what’s been your experience with JVZoo? Have you found anything worth promoting on the site? Have you bought anything worth your money?


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