Being the best mum can be a hard job but its one of the most rewarding jobs on earth.It entails being a guardian, a teacher, a first aider, an administrator, a counselor,a psychologist to your kids.

Here Are Seven (7) Ways to Become the Best Mum

Show Equal Love to Your Children

There is no greater feeling than knowing that a person loves you no matter what. Good mum do not prefer one child to the other . They show equal  love to their children even in their differences.

Create time for each one of your children

For the fact that a parent shows equal love to all her children does not mean that all the children must behave the same way or have the the same challenges in life. A good mum must set at time apart to reach out to each one of her children. This is done in order for her to know the children better or better still to have a good relationship with them. Doing this can not only make the children love her but also to be able to share things about themselves with her.

Be a Teacher

A good Parent gives his or her children teaching or training right in the home before the the child set out to the society.  There are things that a child should be taught right from the home which include training on morals, sex education,domestic engagement or better put domestic work. A parent must not depend on the school or society for all this training.

Be An Example

Children are easily moved by what they see mummy or people do. so, if you really want your child to be the best and you in return  become the  best mum, you must live and do the right thing in line with what you expect from your children . Don’t be that kind of mum that wants her children to do what she says and not what she does.

Let you child be a child

That is to say that  good parent must not give their child a burden made for them as a parent. The children are not meant to worry about the family finance, the marital problems in the family. let them enjoy their childhood instead of bothering them.


Patience is another good virtue of a great mum , in trying to bring up your child to become the best, you must be patient enough to enable the child adjust to the right ways you’ve introduce to him or her.

Be a Friend

A friend is there for each other. Be the best friend that your child can always rely on. Some time you can decide to be in the same level with your child so that you can flow and win their trust.

I really wish this post can be of a great benefit to all the mum in the house who intend to be the best mum.



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